Our club, Northern Shaolin Traditional Martial Arts, meets three times a week
in Vancouver, B.C.

We train in traditional northern Shaolin martial arts (kung fu) and southern style lion dance.

Tuesdays & Thursdays
8:00 – 10:00 PM


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Our group, Northern Shaolin Traditional Martial Arts (NSTMA) of Canada, offers kung fu training and Chinese lion dancing in Vancouver, British Columbia. We practice traditional northern Shaolin style of martial arts and southern style lion dance.

Our program director/chief instructor, Sifu Jun Y. Ing has over thirty years of experience studying different northern and southern Chinese martial arts styles.

Our training sites are located at the Hoy Ping Benevolent Association of Canada, and the Lee's Association.

Our classes are open to people of all ages and skill levels. We have students ranging in age from pre-teen to senior with skill levels from novice to advanced. Each student progresses at his/her own pace. When a student has reached specific levels of competence, he/she will be encouraged to participate in our demonstrations and assist in training his/her junior classmates. These additional challenges will provide ongoing self-development opportunities and enhance the student's comprehension of techniques and applications. A regular exercise program is essential to good health. Our training program includes varying degrees of cardio-vascular workouts. Other benefits of our curriculum are: improved hand-eye and body coordination, self-discipline, self-confidence, knowledge of ancient traditions and enjoyable recreation. You are welcome to drop in to our classes to watch and/or participate. New students are always welcome. For further information, please e-mail: