Our club, Northern Shaolin Traditional Martial Arts, meets three times a week
in Vancouver, B.C.

We train in traditional northern Shaolin martial arts (kung fu) and southern style lion dance.

Tuesdays & Thursdays
8:00 – 10:00 PM


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Sifu Jun Y. Ing

Sifu Jun Y. Ing
Sifu Jun Y. Ing
Our program director and chief instructor, Sifu Jun Y. Ing, has studied various styles of martial arts for more than thirty years. After having actively trained in both northern and southern styles of the Chinese martial arts, he concentrated his studies and training on northern styles. As depicted by the well-known Chinese proverb "Southern fist, Northern leg" northern styles focus more on leg techniques, which require total-body workout and coordination with emphasis on speed, strength, mobility, flexibility and flow.

Sifu Ing shares the view that there is no one best martial arts style, but rather, one style may be more suitable than another for a specific individual. Since each martial art style has its own inherent strengths, a martial artist should not only have intimate knowledge of one's own style but should also have a broad understanding of others. For advanced development of one's skills and expertise, a martial artist should explore and study relevant techniques from varied sources, and refine one's training program as required.

In 2000, the Hoy Ping Benevolent Association of Canada appointed Sifu Ing as their founding martial arts chief instructor and entrusted him with the mission to establish a martial arts program that would support the vision and goals of the association. Sifu Ing combined his martial arts experience with his academic and professional expertise to develop and implement a training curriculum to address the objectives of the association and the expectations of our students. Our flexible training program, which provides students with the ability to progress at their own pace, has been integral to the building of our martial arts group.

By early 2005, our martial arts group had outgrown the Hoy Ping training venue in Chinatown. To facilitate our group's expansion and to reach out to the other parts of the community, Sifu Ing jointly developed a new martial arts program with East Vancouver's Cityreach Care Society and moved our Sunday martial art classes to the Society's building, called the Warehouse.

In January 2007, Sifu Ing accepted an invitation to teach martial arts and lion dance at Lee's Athletic Association. This was strategic to further promote our style of martial arts, to offer a supplementary training venue for our group, and to provide additional developmental opportunities for our senior students by appointing them as instructors to support the training curriculum for this new group of students at Lee's.

In November 2008, Sifu Ing relocated our Sunday classes to a new training venue at the St. Marks Anglican Church in Vancouver's Kitsilano area. A new pre-teen training program was implemented at this new location with the focus to increase the level of challenge for the youth segment of our group.

In addition to his martial arts interests, Sifu Ing, a professional engineer with a full-time career, devotes many hours to community service. Since the early 1990's, Sifu Ing has been on the Board of Directors for a number of non-profit organizations, and he is actively involved with organizing community events such as the annual Canada Day celebration and the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver Chinatown.